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Thursday, February 25, 2016

Worshipping with the Liturgy

"The Meaning and Symbols of Holy Eucharist" was written as an introduction to ancient liturgical worship.

Worship is not a performance, but the expression of hearts, mouths and actions of human beings directing themselves toward God for His glory.  
Here "liturgical worship" refers to a form of worship that frequently uses a prayer book or some other written worship that dates back to the earliest forms of worship in the ancient Christian Church.

As one who grew up in a fundamentalist denomination, the author understands the difficulties in understanding and relating to this form of worship. The book provides historical and scriptural background for liturgical worship, with an emphasis on improving devotions and drawing nearer to Christ.  The topics covered are instructive to those new to liturgical worship as well as those who have worshipped in this way for many years but are not sure of the significance of the many prayers, gestures and movements of the Liturgy. 
Here is a partial list of the topics discussed in the book:

Liturgy: The Work of the People
Seasons, Colors and Vestments
Saints and Martyrs
Common Symbols
Introduction to Holy Eucharist
Scriptural and Historical Background
The Real Presence
How to Receive Communion
An Instructed Eucharist
Preparation for Holy Communion
Prayers for Private Devotions
Private Prayers offered by the Celebrant
Anglican Identity
Frequently Asked Questions about Anglicanism
The Prayer of Hippolytus
Collects and Preface
Praying the Daily Office
Outline for Morning Prayer Rite II
Glossary of Terms

The book is available on Amazon in paperback and Kindle.

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